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Describing a picture  Empty Describing a picture

Do März 26, 2020 10:23 am
Dear 1MM,

please read through this post carefully and follow the instructions!

Describing a picture

What is in the picture?

In the picture I can see ...
There’s / There are ...
There isn’t a ... / There aren’t any ...
Say what is happening with the present continuous
The man is ...ing
The people are ...ing
It’s raining.

Where in the picture?
At the top/bottom of the picture ...
In the middle of the picture ...
On the left/right of the picture ...
next to
in front of
on top of

If something isn’t clear

It looks like a ...
It might be a ...
He could be ...ing
Maybe it’s a ..

An example by your teacher:
Describing a picture  Plant-human-person-market

There is a lot happening in this picture. I can see three women sitting surrounded by fruit. It looks like it could be a market, and they are here to sell their fruits. There is another woman in this picture, but we can only see her back. In the foreground, all you can see is fruits. There seem to be apples, bananas, oranges, grapes and watermelons. In the middle of the picture you can see the three women. They are all sitting on stools. It looks like they are talking to each other. The women are wearing aprons with a pullover underneath, possibly to keep them warm. It might be that they have to sit at the market for a long time, and it might get cold sometimes. They are wearing their hair in a ponytail, and the woman on the very left is wearing a hat that matches her shirt. Behind the three women, in the background of the photo, there are more fruits, such as pineapples and kiwis. There are also some bottles of soft drinks. The woman in the top left corner of the picture appears busy with something.  Overall, the photo looks vibrant, colorful and busy to me, but it probably is a normal sight to the women on the picture.

Ca. 200 words

Now it’s your turn!

• Describe the picture below using the sentence starters on top!
• Talk about what the people could be doing, where they are, etc.
• 200 words

Describing a picture  Jaipur_Market

Send your finished text via Schoolfox or to lisamueller280895@gmail.com

All the best to you,
Mrs. Müller
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