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Englisch Working -plan Empty Englisch Working -plan

Mo März 23, 2020 9:23 am
Hi everybody, on the homepage of the school you can find the working plan too,
but however I copy it here again:

English tasks:

1. Texte:
.) 100 words: What is important in my life? ….health, friends, family, money, car, motorbike, marriage, kids, job, how you look like?
A tattoo?…what do you think will make you happy?
.) 90 words Talk about a sport event, or a musical festival
.) 80 words If you could change one thing in your life, what would it be? ( how scary, in times like they are now)
.) 70 words It´s hard to be a teen. Why?
.) 60 words Apologize (what happened in your life or in the life of your family, and you want to apologize)
.) 50 words Which APP would you invite, / or describe an APP, which you like…
what do you think we need urgently (dringend)
2. Grammar:
.) past tense simple/ progressive / working sheet
.) adverb/ adjective: p. 106/107
.)comparison p. 94/95

3. Reading comprehension: in the book, answer the questions, or fill in the missing words/ or connect sentences/
p. 30 online shopping
p. 85 fitness coach
p. 52/53 types of transport
p.55: book a hotel room
p. 48/49 IT specialist
p. 33: street vendors ( Strassenhändler)
Songtext: NO, woman no cry./ BOB MARLEY : Interpret the lyrics and write your opinion.

please send me your things ...short texts or long ones, no matter, ...or just messages,

the best MELL
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